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Meet Kristine Sklar, CEO and Designer

My career in design spans several decades and includes corporate, retail and residential projects from a condo on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, and room additions and remodels in Scottsdale, Arizona to Home Owner Association remodels in Boca Raton, Florida and many more.

My interest in design started with my first drafting class in which I was able to draw easily for long periods of time.  This is where I experienced the spark everyone looks for when finding one’s place in the world.   I understood that through design, my skills could be applied as a problem-solver, creator, and artist to enhance people’s lives and surroundings, to make a contribution to society.  And I loved not sitting at a desk all day!

Design has provided me with the opportunity to meet some of the greatest, most interesting, and kindest people in the world.  Design has allowed me to work with the finest tradesmen and craftsman, who stand by the quality of their craftsmanship and their principles.  Design has taught me there are no shortcuts to a rewarding life.

Sklar Design Group is now introducing a collection of custom-made mantels, fireplace screens, fireplace equipment, and unique shelving for quality artifacts.  We are capable of manufacturing anything from metals.  

I can be reach at 480-861-7808 and for additional information. 

Please call anytime.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristine Sklar

Shot 1_ Azimov master bath.jpg
custom built fireplace with glass tile i
Bronze copper fireplace surround with de
Stone fireplace with bronze rectangular
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